Reason #4: Reusable Content

Reason #4: Rotating Content is re-usable content. Anyone who prepares content for teaching purposes wants to be able to use it again and again, for different purposes, different classes, different years. The Rotating Content script allows you to use the same content in many different settings.

For example, the same Rotating Content script can appear on multiple websites. So if you have different websites for each of your courses, you can use the same Rotating Content script in all of those sites - while maintaining the content in just one place.

Let's go back to the example of my Biblical Greek course, which has a course management website in Desire2Learn, but also a freestanding website on the open Internet where all the actual course content resides. I want the students to be reminded of their daily assignments both in Desire2Learn and at the course website. To do this, I created a date-based table of content listing the due dates for all the assignments - and I then loaded that script into Desire2Learn and also at the course website. This means I can update the calendar content in just one place, and the revised content will appear automatically on both websites.

Here is how the assignment due dates appear at the website:

And here is how the same content is displayed inside Desire2Learn as an announcement:













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