Reason #5: Shareable Content

Reason #5: Rotating Content is shareable content. No one has enough time to prepare all their content on their own, but if we pool our resources as teachers and share content we can make enormous progress!

Content created with the Rotating Content tool is meant to be shared. It can be used and re-used by an unlimited number of teachers.

If you go to the Rotating Content Tool site, you will see that it offers two services, Create... and Share:

When you click on the Get Content From Others link, you will be taken to a Library that shows the scripts that have been made available for you to use:

You will see that I have put some scripts in the Library (in addition to making them available through my own site), while there are also scripts here that Randy has written (you can tell that Randy likes games, since he has created a dice script and a card deck script!).

We hope very much that you will use the Tool and make the content available for others by adding your scripts to the Library using a simple automated online form.














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