Calendar Content: The Roman Calendar

Since it is easier to show rather than to tell, let me start by showing you some examples of rotating content scripts in action.

Let's start with a calendar-based application: the Roman Calendar. This is a script that allows you to display today's date using the terminology of the Roman Calendar.

For example, since today is , the rotating content of the Roman Calendar would look like this:

It displays the date in the Roman Calendar, along with any major festivals occurring on that date.

Rotating content scripts are very easy to share. I have made this Roman Calendar script available for sharing, and as a result it shows up on many high school and college Latin websites now. Here is an example (you can see the Roman Calendar display down in the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage):

And here is another example, where a high school is displaying the Roman Calendar information in the upper-right hand corner of their webpage:

For someone to use this script, all they have to do is visit the Roman Calendar webpage where I have published the script along with information about the content and instructions on how to add this rotating content to any webpage.













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