What is Rotating Content?

By rotating content we mean dynamic web content that rotates based on parameters you specify. The rotation can be based on date, or it can be random.

Date-based content can be used to create "____ of the Day" content for your website, such as "Word of the Day" or "Joke of the Day" content. You can also create calendar-based content in order to display information about class activities and assignments online. You can also use the calendar to create "This Day in History"-type content for your webpages.

Random content can be used to provide new content every time a webpage is refreshed. Random content might consist of as few as two items, such as a random "Yes" or "No" that can be used for decision-making, or you can create large sets of random content, with hundreds of items that show up at random on the webpage.

In both cases, the date-based content and random content is stored in the form of a simple HTML table. This is what makes rotating content easy to create and maintain. You do not have to have any special web programming skills in order to make this dynamic content appear on your webpages! In addition, no special web hosting services are required. If you have a place where you can publish webpages, or if you use a web-based course management system, you can use the rotating content scripts.

In this workshop, you will learn how to add rotating content to a webpage (including the web space provided by course management systems like Blackboard or Desire2Learn). You will also learn how to create your own rotating content, using the online Rotating Content Tool which was created by Randy Hoyt.













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