Calendar or Random Content: Latin Proverbs

The Roman Calendar is obviously a form of date-based content. Other kinds of rotating content can be either calendar-based or random. In other words, you can use exactly the same content to create a date-based script and a random script.

For example, I have created some collections of Latin proverbs and created two different types of scripts based on the same set of proverbs. There is a "Latin Proverb of the Day" (date-based content), as well as a "Random Latin Proverb" which is based on that same content.

When you reload the webpage, the random content changes each time - but the date-based content will stay the same. Here are the two different Latin proverb scripts side by side, so that you can compare the way that the two scripts display.

Latin Proverb of the Day
Random Latin Proverb














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