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Remember: Greek word order is very free! You may have chosen a different word order than what is shown here. Also, you may have chosen to use second person plural instead of singular (or vice versa). If you have any questions about the different Greek possibilities, just let me know!

1. I want to speak.

λεγειν θελω.

2. She is speaking but you are not listening.

λεγει αλλα ουκ ακουεις.

3. We hear and see.

ακουομεν και βλεπομεν.

4. Do they believe?


5. I know that you want to write.

γινωσκω οτι γραφειν θελεις.

6. Do they want to write and teach?

γραφειν και διδασκειν θελουσιν;

7. We are teaching but they are not listening.

διδασκομεν αλλα ουκ ακουουσιν.

8. They speak and I believe.

λεγουσι και πιστευω.

9. He sees and believes.

βλεπει και πιστευει.

10. She does not want to speak.

ου θελει λεγειν.

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