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16.110 The Second Aorist Passive

Please read Croy section 110, but do not let it confuse you. The only thing you really need to understand from this discussion is that some aorist passives end in eta, but do not have the preceding theta. That is simply a matter of memorization. When you learn the sixth principal part of the verbs, every once in a while there will be a verb that does not have a theta in the aorist passive. (There are four examples of verbs that you know so far, and you will see them at the bottom of the Aorist Passive Principal Parts chart for section 108). A good example is the verb γράφω as shown below:

Aorist Past
Aorist Active
Aorist Passive
Aorist Past Passive
I wrote ἔγραψα
ην ἐγράφην I was written
you wrote ἔγραψας
ης ἐγράφης you were written
she/he/it wrote ἔγραψε
η ἐγράφη she/he/it was written
we wrote ἐγράψαμεν
ημεν ἐγράφημεν we were written
you wrote ἐγράψατε
ητε ἐγράφητε you were written
they wrote ἔγραψαν
ησαν ἐγράφησαν they were written


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