Week 3: New Testament Parables

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Reading Overview

Background Reading

For this week's reading, you will have selections from the non-canonical gospel of Thomas, and the canonical gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke. Each page has TWO DIFFERENT TRANSLATIONS. You can choose which translation style you like best, or you can read both translations of each story and compare them: the choice is up to you!

Since there are so many links back-and-forth to the different versions of parables that appear in more than one source, you might want to print out this page and "check off" each page as you complete the reading, just to make sure you read every page! It is really not that important which order you read the pages, but it is important that you read all of them.

If you are curious to get a sense of which parables are found in more than one source, you can look at this list of Parables by Number of Sources.

Gospel of Thomas

  1. Gospel of Thomas: Parable of the Weeds
  2. Gospel of Thomas: Parable of the Pearl
  3. Gospel of Thomas: Parable of the Sower
  4. Gospel of Thomas: Mustard - Keeping Watch
  5. Gospel of Thomas: Leaven - Jar
  6. Gospel of Thomas: Lost Sheep - Treasure
  7. Gospel of Thomas: Rich Man - Feast - Tenants

Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke

  1. Good Samaritan (Luke)
  2. Dishonest Steward (Luke)
  3. The Unmerciful Servant (Matthew)
  4. Widow and Judge - Pharisee and Publican (Luke)
  5. Laborers in the Vineyard (Matthew)
  6. The Tenants of the Vineyard (Mark)
  7. The Tenants of the Vineyard (Luke)
  8. The Tenants of the Vineyard (Matthew)
  9. The Barren Fig Tree (Luke)
  10. The Tower Builder and the Warring King (Luke)
  11. The Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke)
  12. The Rich Man and His Riches (Luke)
  13. Invitations to the Feast (Luke)
  14. Invitations to the Feast (Matthew)
  15. Keeping Watch (Mark)
  16. Keeping Watch (Luke)
  17. Investing the Talents (Luke)
  18. The Lamps - The Talents (Matthew)
  19. The Lost Sheep (Matthew)
  20. Lost Sheep - Lost Coin - Prodigal Son (Luke)
  21. The Sower (Luke)
  22. Sower - Harvest - Mustard (Mark)
  23. Mustard - Leaven - Closed Door (Luke)
  24. The Parables of Matthew 13 (King James version)
  25. The Parables of Matthew 13 (World English Bible version)


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