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Grammar: Reduplication

Reduplication is the repetition of the initial sound of the word. Shouldn't it just be called "duplication"? Yeah, probably: but the technical term is "reduplication". Go figure! Reduplication is a special form of the verb in ancient Indo-European languages, such as Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit. In Greek and Sanskrit, reduplication was a common and basically systematic process. In Latin, the reduplicated verb forms are much less common, but there are a number of perfect stems that show reduplication. You need to be able to recognize them, because the process of reduplication changes the way that you search for a word in the dictionary. You have to "unduplicate" the initial sound of the word in order to find its dictionary form.

  • cado - cecidi
  • cano - cecini
  • curro - cucurri
  • disco - didici
  • do - dedi
  • (no present stem) - memini
  • mordo - momordi
  • parco - peperci
  • pario - peperi
  • pello - pepuli
  • pendo - pependi
  • tango - tetigi
  • tendo - tetendi

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