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Grammar: 1st-2nd Declension Nouns

In general, the 1st declension consists of feminine nouns that end in -a. There are a few masculine nouns in this declension as well, such as poeta and nauta.

The 2nd declension consists of masculine nouns that end in -us and neuter nouns that end in -um. There are also some masculine nouns that end in -r (instead of the expected -rus): puer, ager, etc.

Make sure that you are perfectly familiar with these endings:

SINGULAR 1 - fem 2 - masc 2 - neuter
nom. puella dominus periculum
gen. puellae domini periculi
dat. puellae domino periculo
acc. puellam dominum periculum
abl. puella domino periculo
nom. puellae domini pericula
gen. puellarum dominorum periculorum
dat. puellis dominis periculis
acc. puellas dominos pericula
abl. puellis dominis periculis

Note that the vocative is not included here. It is not, properly speaking, a case - and the only distinctive form of the vocative is for the masculine nouns and adjectives of the second declension: bone domine!


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