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Required Books and Materials

Course readings online. All of the Latin readings for this course are available online. The only required textbook is the College of Arts & Sciences Guide to Online Courses.

Recommended Latin dictionaries. You will probably want to purchase a small paperback Latin dictionary. I recommend the Bantam paperback Latin dictionary by Traupman. If you are planning on continuing your Latin studies, you will want to acquire a student's version of the Lewis & Short Latin dictionary. You will also need occasionally to consult a "big" Latin dictionary. Luckily the big Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary is available online at Perseus: you can search the dictionary using the Perseus Latin Dictionary Search and you can analyze the form of a Latin word, linked to the dictionary, using the Perseus Latin Morphology Tool.

Flash cards. You will probably also want to use flash cards to help you study the vocabulary for this course. The easiest (and cheapest) way to do this is to buy boxes of blank flash cards from Vis-Ed. You will find these flash cards much handier than index cards, and a box of 1000 flash cards only costs $6. You can buy blank cards in the OU Bookstore, or order blank Vis-Ed cards online. In addition, there are "online" flash cards for this course available at QUIA.

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