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Blackboard FAQ

Here are the answers to some questions folks have asked about Blackboard:

Why don't I see the Announcements page?

If for some reason you do not see the Announcements page when you enter the Blackboard website for our course, just click the "Refresh" button, and the Announcements page will appear. You can also click the Announcements button on the left-hand side and you will see the Announcements page.

Why do I get a .9999 score on a quiz, instead of 1.000?

Poor Blackboard is not very good at dealing with decimals. Don't worry: it records the correct score in the Gradebook. You can check your grade (Student Tools - Check Grade) to make sure. What you see displayed here is what is recorded in the Gradebook.

How can I see my most recent scores in the Gradebook?

To see your most recent scores, click on the Sort By Name option. This will allow you to quickly view your scores, week by week. The other sort options are not very helpful. The current week's scores will be prefixed with an "0" which causes them to sort at the top of the list.

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