image of Grammatica (by Abbess Herrad)

Week 14: Hrotsvitha.

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Reading Quiz: Latin

The English reading comprehension quiz involves a series of true / false questions (log in to Blackboard to take the quiz). You can take the online quiz as often as you want; the computer will record your most recent score. The quiz will be available until Thursday midnight.

  1. The three sisters are peasants.
  2. The king wants to arrange marriages between the sisters and his courtiers.
  3. The three sisters want to get married to the king's courtiers.
  4. Hirena is the oldest of the three sisters.
  5. Hirena compares the pagan gods to slaves bought and sold in the market.
  6. Dulcitius was blackened by the soot from the pots and pans.
  7. When the soldiers see Dulcitius, they think that he is the devil.
  8. The two mysterious men wore filthy rags.
  9. Sisinnius keeps losing his way on the mountain.
  10. Hirena makes fun of Sisinnius because he is all covered with soot from pots and pans.


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