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SATYAVATI. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology]

1. Daughter of Uparichara, king of Chedi, by an Apsaras named Adrika, who was condemned to live on earth in the form of a fish. She was mother of Vyasa by the Rishi Parasara, and she was also wife of King Santanu, mother of Vichitravirya and Chitrangada, and grandmother of the Kauravas and the Pandavas, the rivals in the great war.

The sage Parasara met her as she was crossing the river Yamuna when she was quite a girl, and the offspring of their illicit intercourse was brought forth on an island (dwipa) in that river, and was hence called Dwaipayana.

She was also called Gandhakali, Gandhavati, and Kalangani; and as her mother lived in the form of a fish, she is called Dasanandini, Daseyi, Jhajhodari, and Matsyodari, 'fish-born.'

2. A daughter of King Gadhi, wife of the Brahman Richika, mother of Jamadagni and grandmother of Parasurama. She was of the Kusika race, and is said to have been transformed into the Kausiki river.

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