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YAMUNA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] The river Jumna, which rises in a mountain called Kalinda (Sun). The river Yamuna is personified as the daughter of the Sun by his wife Sanjna. So she was sister of Yama. Balarama, in a state of inebriety, called upon her to come to him that he might bathe, and as she did not heed, he, in a great rage, seized his ploughshare-weapon, dragged her to him and compelled her to follow him whithersoever he wandered through the wood. The river then assumed a human form and besought his forgiveness, but it was some time before she could appease him. Wilson thinks that "the legend probably alludes to the construction of canals from the Jumna for the purposes of irrigation." The river is also called Kalindi, from the place of its source, Suryaja, from her father, and Triyama.

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