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ASVATTHAMAN. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] Son of Drona and Kripa, and one of the generals of the Kauravas. Also called by his patronymit Drauniyana.

After the last great battle, in which Duryodhana was mortally wounded, Aswatthaman with two other warriors, Kripa and Kritavarman, were the sole survivors of the Kaurava host that were left effective. Aswatthaman was made the commander. He was fierce in his hostility to the pandavas, and craved for revenge upon Dhrishtadyumna, who had slain his father, Drona.

These three surviving Kauravas entered the pandava camp at night. They found Dhrishtadyumna asleep, and Aswatthaman stamped him to death as he lay. He then killed Sikhandin, the other son of Drupada, and he also killed the five young sons of the Pandavas and carried their heads to the dying Duryodhana. He killed Parikshit, while yet unborn in the womb of his mother, with his celestial weapon Brahmastra, by which he incurred the curse of Krishna, who restored Parikshit to life.

On the next morning he and his comrades fled, but Draupadi cIamoured for revenge upon the murderer of her children. Yudhishthira represented that Aswatthaman was a Brahman, and pleaded for his life. She then consented to forego her demand for his blood if the precious and protective jewel which he wore on his head were brought to her. Bhima, Arjuna, and Krishna then went in pursuit of him. Arjuna and Krishna overtook him, and compelled him to give up the jewel. They carried it to Draupadi, and she gave it to Yudhishthira, who afterwards wore it on his head.


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