Tool: Perpetual Calendar Content

The other type of date-based content is the "Perpetual Calendar" format. This is content that is based only on the date, without any regard for the year. For most kinds of "___ of the Day" content, this is the correct format to use, since it means you can use the content over and over again from year to year, without making any changes to the content table or to the script.

When you use the Perpetual Calendar option, the Rotating Content tool will prompt you to state whether you want an HTML table for daily content or weekly content or monthly content. Here's what these different types of content mean:

  • daily content means either 365 or 366 content items, so that there is a new item every day (including the Leap Year day, if you choose the 366 day option)
  • weekly content means there are 52 items, one for each week of the year (coming up with 52 items of content is much less challenging than 365 items!)
  • monthly content means there is a new item for each day of the month, with the option of choosing just a 28-day cycle, or a 30-day or 31-day cycle














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