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Random Greek Verses

On the Biblical Greek Online homepage, you will see a random Greek Bible verse displayed whenever you refresh the page. You can also see a random verse displayed at the bottom of this page.

These random Greek verses are generated using a simple javascript which can be added to any webpage. You can easily add the random Greek verse to your own webpage! You can also create your own random verse collection, in Greek or in any other language, using the Content Creation Tool provided by R9Solutions.

As you have noticed, there are no book or chapter or verse citations provided for these verses. This is because I hope you can start to experience these verses as a purely Greek phenomenon, separate from the English names of the books of the Bible, separate from the chapter and verse numbers that were added to the books at a very late date... think of these verses instead as words of wisdom, as spoken words of wisdom, that have been part of Greek-speaking Jewish and Christian communities for thousands of years.

If this verse does not display correctly, you may need to install a Unicode Greek font on your computer.


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