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Infinitive Paradigms

Present Active Infinitive

For more information about the Present Active Infinitive, see Croy 2.12.

Ending: -ειν        Sample Form: ἀκούειν

The best way to study a paradigm is in terms of pairs, so that you can see the forms of the Greek words in relation to the other forms. For example, with this paradigm, you should practice the transformation from the first person present active indicative (dictionary form of the verb) to the present active infinitive:

ἀκούω ἀκούειν
βλέπω βλέπειν
γινώσκω γινώσκειν
γράφω γράφειν
διδάσκω διδάσκειν
θέλω θέλειν
λέγω λέγειν
λύω λύειν
πιστεύω πιστεύειν


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