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Studying New Vocabulary

Each week, you will have some new vocabulary to learn, taken from the lessons that are being covered in Croy. The vocabulary in Croy is not extensive, and it focuses on the words used most frequently in New Testament Greek.

Here are some tips to help you in studying the vocabulary each week:

1) Sound. You will find it much easier to remember the words based on their sounds, so make sure you ALWAYS say the word out loud when you write it.

2) Sound Patterns. You can practice the sound patterns of Greek by studying the Prosody Charts for each week's vocabulary.

3) Grammar Types. It is also very important to learn like words with like words - nouns with nouns, verbs with verbs. Make sure you pay attention to the different word types that are included in the vocabulary of each lesson.

4) Make Flash Cards. Even if you are using the online flash cards at QUIA, you should make your own flash cards. Make sure you say the words out loud as you write them so that the physical act of writing is reinforced by the vocal act of speaking the words.

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