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Croy's Practice Sentences

Each week, you should work on the Practice Sentences for the lessons that are being covered that week. You are not required to write out the sentences in English, although it might be a good idea for you to do that so that you can be sure you are really making sense out of the Greek.

To help you with the Practice Sentences, you will find a set of "Simple Sentences" here at the website. The Simple Sentences isolate the specific patterns that you will find in the longer sentences by Croy. Especially if you are having trouble with the Practice Sentences, you should make sure you read through the Simple Sentences for each lesson and make sure you understand them before moving on to Croy's sentences.

Sometimes you might be able to translate one of the Croy's sentences but without understand the grammar principles that are involved. To make sure you understand the specific grammar principles, take a look at the Commentary on each set of Practice Sentences which is available here at the website.

In addition, you can use the Discussion Board to get help with the Practice Sentences or to confirm your understanding of them. Even if you are feeling confident about the Practice Sentences, you might want to take a look at the Discussion Board and see what questions the other students have. You might be able to answer their questions, or you might realize some difficult aspect of one of the sentences that had escaped your notice before.

Finally, in addition to the Practice Sentences, there are also Septuagint and New Testament sentences each week in Croy. Although these are not required, if you have any extra time you should try to work on them. If you have questions or problems with these Septuagint and New Testament sentences, you can easily consult an English Bible for a translation and you can also ask for help and clarification at the Discussion Board. There is a section of the Discussion Board set aside each week for the Septuagint and New Testament questions found in each lesson of Croy.

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