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General Course Information:

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For Non-OU Students

This course is available to regularly enrolled students at the University of Oklahoma using the Online Enrollment system. OU faculty and staff who are interested in auditing the course should contact the instructor about guest enrollment in the course. if you are an OU faculty or staff member and want to participate in the class discussion boards, I can arrange for you to be enrolled in the Desire2Learn system for this course.

And if you are not at the University of Oklahoma, you are absolutely welcome to use the online materials that are available here! At the website you have access to all the learning materials online (including all the worksheets with answers) and also to all the audio. I hope that these materials can be useful to you! In addition, you can log on to the Desire2Learn system as a "visitor" and take the quizzes. Your quiz score will be displayed to you at the completion of each quiz, but the score will not be recorded anywhere since you are just "visiting" the system. To take the quizzes, go to learn.ou.edu and log on with the username "visitor" and the password "visitor." This will give you limited access to the Desire2Learn system for this course.

The course materials should be fully available as of August 22 2005, in time for the Fall 2005 semester. Although materials are being added in the spring and summer, the course will not be ready for real use until August 2005. When classes begin in August, materials will be added to the course on a weekly basis so that the complete set of course materials will be available by the end of the semester, December 2005.

If you have requests or suggestions about how I can make these materials more useful to non-OU students, please let me know.

Here are some hints if you are studying Greek on your own:

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