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Extra Credit: Form Quizzes

Starting in Week 6, you will have available to you some extra credit quizzes which are based on identifying verb and noun forms. You have some form parsing questions in the Syntax quizzes, so it is a question format you are already familiar with.

There are four types of Form Parsing Quizzes that will be offered, each worth 2 points each. For each question, a Greek sentence is provided. You need to read the Greek sentence! It is often not possible to identify the form of a word unless you see how it is being used in the context of a sentence.

Note that you will see which questions you answered correctly / incorrectly each time you take one of these quizzes. This will happen immediately after you submit each quiz attempt.

Weeks 6-15


  • feminine - masculine - neuter
  • nominative - genitive - dative - accusative - vocative
  • singular - plural
Weeks 6-15

Verb Persons:

  • 1st person - 2nd person - 3rd person
  • singular - plural
  • infinitive

[note that if a verb is an infinitive, it has no person and number!]

Weeks 7-15

Verb Tenses:

  • present - future - imperfect past - aorist past
  • active - middle - passive
Weeks 10-15


  • present - aorist
  • active - middle - passive
  • feminine - masculine - neuter
  • singular - plural
  • nominative - genitive - dative - accusative

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