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Image Response

Each week you will have the option of completing an extra credit assignment in which you will write a brief essay about one of the images found at the course website, while also replying to some of the posts by other students who have chosen to respond to the images too.

You can complete both parts of the assignment for 2 points of credit, OR you can choose to complete just one part of the assignment for 1 point of credit (that is, you can just write your own essay post and do no replies, or do the replies without writing a post of your own).

Writing an Image Essay Post

Choosing the image. There are two ways you can choose the image. You can view random images such as the one in the upper left-hand corner of this page (press refresh the reload the page and get a new image), or you can browse through the images at the Image Galleries. When you find an image that intrigues you, click on the image to go to the page for that image, where you will see a larger version and find information about the provenance of the image. Keep this webpage open in your browser, because you will need the information here to complete the assignment.

Think about the image and write your comments. Consider the image in detail, and write out your thoughts about the image (250-500 words). There is a Word Count tool you can use to check your word count. Make sure you talk about the visual details of the image. The more detail, the better!

Optional: Research. If you want, you can do some research about the image, finding information online about the artist or about the subject matter. If you are finding trouble coming up with enough to say in response to the image, go ahead and do some research about the artist or about the subject matter of the image. You could even look up some Bible passages that you think would make a good accompaniment to the image.(unboundbible is a website where you can look at English and Greek versions of the Bible side by side, and wikipedia is a great place to look for information about all kinds of topics). Please feel free to include quotes from the Bible in your comments but do NOT include quotes from encyclopedias, etc. online - if you do research at wikipedia or other online encyclopedias, it is your job to summarize what you learn in your own words, without copying or cutting-and-pasting from your source. You need to restate the information, calling attention to what you think is the most important information for the message you are trying to get across to your reader(s).

Desire2Learn Discussion Board.


Here is how you add your post to the Discussion Board:

1 Open another browser window and go to the Desire2Learn Discussion Board area for the current week (Week 1, Week 2, etc.) and find the area labeled Extra Credit: Image Response. Click on the button that says Add Message.

2. Give your message a distinctive Subject line based on the image you have chosen.

3. Next, click on the HTML Editor icon. This will cause a pop-up window to appear.

4. Now cut-and-paste your comments into the box (remember: your comments should be 250-500 words in length). As always, you should use a spellchecker and also read your comments out loud to yourself in order to proofread them.

5. Now you must include a link to the webpage for this image. To add a link, position your cursor where you want the link to go. Then click on the Create Link icon. You will need to type some text for the link, such as "Link to the webpage for this image." Then you also need to include the address. You should cut-and-paste the address from the browser window you already have open! Do not ever try to type the http:// address by hand, since it is so easy to make mistakes. Then click New Window from the "Open In" list, and click Insert.

6. Plus you must add the image so that it displays inside the post - and that means the large version of the image, not the tiny version. To add the image, you need the address of the image. Go to the browser window you have open that shows the image you want to include. Right-mouse click on the image, and choose Properties. Then highlight and copy the Image Address (it will begin with http:// just like a webpage address).

7. To insert the image into your discussion board post, position your cursor where you want the image to appear and click on the Add Image icon. Paste the address into the box provided, and click the Insert button. You should see your image displayed in the post area.

8. Now that you are back in the HTML Editor screen, click Insert to post your text, link, and image to the Discussion Board. And don't forget to click Submit. Your work will not be posted until you click the Submit button.

Replying to Posts

To receive credit, you need to reply to the posts of three other students. In order to make sure everybody gets some replies, here are some guidelines for choosing which students to reply to.

Threaded View . First, make sure you are viewing the discussion board in "Threaded" mode. This is the View box at the top of the list of posts.

Scan the posts. Scan through the posts, looking for any post that has no replies or only one reply. Keep on scanning down through the list to see if you can find any posts that have only one reply or no reply. When you find a post with no reply or just one reply, you should reply to that one! If you scan through the whole list, and all the posts already have at least two replies, then you can choose to reply to whichever post you want.

Create your reply. To reply to a post, click on the post and read it. Then click on dropdown menu to choose Without Message (this will help reduce clutter on the discussion board), and then click the Reply button. When you are done, make sure you click the Submit button. Your reply will not be posted until you click the Submit button..

Do the Declaration for this assignment

If you are completing this assignment for just 1 point of credit, answer "true" to the part of the assignment that you did complete, and "false" to the part of the assignment you did not complete.

Extra Credit Image Response (2 points). Here is the text of the Declaration that you will find in Desire2Learn:

True or False: I have posted my comments about the image at the discussion board, 250-500 words in length, with a clickable link to a website and the large version of the image included.

True or False: I have replied to at least THREE other students, replying to posts with no replies or just one reply (if possible).

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