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30.219 Second Aorist of βαίνω and γινώσκω

Make sure you read Croy section 219 and study the forms provided. You have learned the verbs βαίνω (plus its compounds) and γινώσκω, but you did not have aorist forms for these verbs yet. In this section, Croy provides you with the aorist forms of these verbs. Make sure you learn them, since these are very common verbs in Biblical Greek and you need to be able to recognize the aorist forms.

These aorist forms are actually very easy to recognize, since the aorist represents what you could call the "pure" form of these verbs, without the nu and sigma-kappa infixes that are found in the present system. The aorist stem of βαίνω is simply βα- (often lengthened to βη-) and the aorist stem of γινώσκω is simply γνο- (often lengthened to γνω-).

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