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29.211 The Verb ἀφίημι

Make sure you take a look at Croy section 211 and learn the main principal parts of the verb ἀφίημι, which means to let go in a physical sense, and also means to release or forgive in a metaphorical sense. Here are the principal parts you need to know:

ἀφίημι: present active

ἀφήσω: future active

ἀφῆκα: aorist past active

ἀφέθην: aorist past passive

As Croy explains, this is a compounded form of the -μι verb ἵημι. What makes this verb more difficult than the other -μι verbs you have studied so far is that the verb begins with a vowel, making it much harder to detect the presence of the reduplicated syllable in the present tense. However, if you memorize the principal parts of the verb, you will not have any trouble recognizing it because it does follow the same patterns as you have learned for the other -μι verbs so far (such as the aorist past stem with the kappa, etc.).

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