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24.171 Syntax of the Infinitive

Make sure you pay careful attention to the uses of the infinitive described by Croy in section 171.

Subject. An infinitive can be used as the subject of a sentence. If the sentence has a predicate adjective, the adjective will be neuter singular, since the infinitive is considered to be a neuter singular noun.

Object. Croy provides only one example of the infinitive used as what he calls the "object" of a verb, but in most situations it is probably better to consider this kind of infinitive as a complementary infinitive which is being used to complete the meaning of the main verb. This is very common in English also, where we use phrases such as "want to ...," "intend to..., " "promise to...", etc.

Purpose. A plain infinitive can be used to express purpose, but you will also frequenly see the infinitive in the genitive, as indicated by the genitive definite article τοῦ, in order to express purpose. The prepositions εἰς and πρός can be used to express purpose also.

Result. When you see the word ὥστε used with an infinitive, you are probably dealing with a result clause. Sometimes a plain infinitive or the infinitive with τοῦ can also be used to express result.

Prepositions of Time. Very often you will see infinitives used with prepositions that express a relationship of time with regard to the main verb of the sentence. Pay careful attention to the examples provided by Croy here.

Cause. The preposition διά with the accusative and an infinitive is used to express cause.

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