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22.156 First Aorist of Liquid Verbs

In addition to having a distinctive set of endings in the future, the liquid verbs are also unusual in the aorist formation. Even though they take first aorist, or sigmatic aorist, endings, these verbs usually do not have a sigma in the aorist stem!

The first aorist endings used for these verbs are exactly the same as all other first aorists. So the only thing you have to do is make sure you memorize the aorist past tense stem for these verbs, and then just add the endings you would expect.

Croy provides you with a paradigm for μένω which has a third principal part: ἔμεινα. Notice that the aorist past tense verb ends with an alpha, just as you would expect. Make sure you take a look at the paradigm Croy provides but remember - this is not a new paradigm! These are exactly the same endings that you have already learned for the first aorist past tense.

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