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13.83 The Third Principal Part

Please make sure you read Croy section 83 carefully.

Way back in Lesson 2, you learned the first principal part of the Greek verb: the present active indicative. This is also the dictionary form of the verb, allowing you to look it up in a dictionary. From the first principal part you were able to form the present tense and also the imperfect past tense.

In Lesson 12, you learned the second principal part of the Greek verb: the future active indicative.

In this lesson, you will learn the third principal part of the Greek verb: the aorist active indicative. This is the most important principal part for reading in Greek. At a minimum, you should absolutely learn the first and third principal part of every Greek verb that you study as vocabulary.

The aorist active indicative can be formed in two different ways. In this lesson, you will learn how the aorist is formed by using a sigma - this is called the sigmatic aorist, or first aorist. You will learn about the second aorist form (or non-sigmatic aorist) in Lesson 14.

You need to understand that a verb almost always has either the first aorist or the second aorist, but not both.

Here is a list of the verbs in Lessons 2-13 that have a sigmatic aorist (first aorist) part. Notice how similar the future and aorist forms are. This is because the future is actually related to the aorist (they are both part of the "aorist system"). When you are dealing with the first aorist, it is generally the same stem as the future, plus augment.

Verbs (Vowel-Initial) Future Aorist Active
ἀκούω ἀκούσω
ἄρχω ἄρξω
ἀνοίγω ἀνοίξω ἤνοιξα
ἑτοιμάζω ἑτοιμάσω
Verbs (Consonant) Future Aorist Active
βλέπω βλέψω
γράφω γράψω
διδάσκω διδάξω ἐδίδαξα
λύω λύσω
πιστεύω πιστεύσω
πέμπω πέμψω
σῴζω σώσω
βαπτίζω βαπτίσω
θεραπεύω θεραπεύσω
δέχομαι δέξομαι
δοξάζω δοξάσω
θαυμάζω θαυμάσω
κηρύσσω κηρύξω
κράζω κράξω
πείθω πείσω
Verbs (Prefixed) Future Aorist Active
ἀπολύω ἀπολύσω ἀπέλυσα
ἐπιστρέφω ἐπιστρέψω
ὑποστρέφω ὑποστρέψω

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