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31.226 Comparisons in Greek

Make sure you understand the two ways of expressive a comparison in Croy section 226.

Sometimes you can have a statement using a comparative adjective that does not express a stated comparison. For example, "I want to build a better mousetrap!" The comparative adjective "better" is not stated in terms of a formal comparison.

When a formal comparison is stated, there are two ways to express this in Greek:

genitive of comparison: the item being compared is put into the genitive case.

ἐκεῖνος κρείττων ἐστι τούτου: that man is better than this man

genitive with : the conjunction, which normally means "or," can be used to express a comparison, leaving the object compared in the nominative case.

ὁ διώκων εἰρήνην ἐστὶν κρείττων ἢ ὁ διώκων πόλεμον: the man seeking peace is better than the man seeking war

You will see both of these constructions commonly used to express a comparison.

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