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25.178 Neuter Nouns in -ος, ους

One of the common third declension noun types consists of nouns that have a nominative ending in -ος and a genitive ending in -ους. Make sure you study the paradigm that Croy has presented in section 178. These nouns can be especially tricky because they initially look like simple second declension masculine nouns. But they are actually neuter third declension nouns - as you can see when you check the genitive form in the vocabulary list (this tells you they are third declension) and the article that appears with each noun (this tells you that these nouns are neuter).

In this week's vocabulary, this applies to the words γένος, ἔθνος, ὄρος, and τέλος (these are all neuter nouns, with identical nominative and accusative forms, as you would expect for neuter nouns).

CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished all the sections on nouns in Croy. There will be no new noun declensions or paradigms in the rest of the book. There are still some things for you to learn about adjectives and pronouns, but this is the last section that deals with nouns. You can use the Noun Index page to review all of Croy's sections devoted to nouns.

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