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22.159 Possessive Adjectives

Make sure you read Croy's discussion of possessive adjectives in section 159.

As you now know, the most common way to express possession in Biblical Greek is with the genitive case:

ὀ υἰὸς μου - the son of me = my son
ὁ οἶκος αὐτων
- the house of them = their house

In addition there are also adjectives that can be used to expression possession: mine, yours, ours. These adjectives are part of your vocabulary for this lesson.

  Singular Plural
1st Person


  "mine" "ours"
2nd Person σός ὑμέτερος
  "yours" "yours"

These function like any other adjective, and must agree with the noun they are modifying in gender, number and case.

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