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Alphabet Practice Test

Now that you have practiced sounding out the words, let's see if you can manage to write some of these names in Greek. The English spelling is provided, and you need to try to write out the Greek.

Don't worry about where the accent mark goes. Just try to write out the correct Greek letters.

English ê indicates Greek eta and English ô indicates Greek omega. English x indicates Greek xi and English ps indicates Greek psi. English th indicates Greek theta, and English ph indicates Greek phi, and English ch indicates Greek chi.

You can see the all the answers on the Answer Key, but you can also get a hint on this page - just use your mouse to highlight the table cell (or just double-click inside the cell) and you will be able to see the Greek answer!

And remember: make lots of noise while you do this exercise. You will learn so much more if you say the words out loud as you write them!

Name (answer) Name (answer)
Abiathar Αβιαθάρ Melchisedek Μελχισέδεκ
Adam Αδάμ Messias Μεσσίας
Alexandros Αλέξανδρος Michaêl Μιχαήλ
Amôs Αμώς Moloch Μολόχ
Andreas Ανδρέας Nikodêmos Νικόδημος
Andronikos Ανδρόνικος Nikolaos Νικόλαος
Aristarchos Αρίσταρχος Petros Πέτρος
Archelaos Αρχέλαος Priska Πρίσκα
Barak Βαράκ Priskilla Πρίσκιλλα
Boanêrges Βοανηργές Salômê Σαλώμη
Gabriêl Γαβριήλ Sampsôn Σαμψών
Daniêl Δανιήλ Sêth Σήθ
Dêmêtrios Δημήτριος Simôn Σίμων
Dorkas Δορκάς Solomôn Σολομών
Eleazar Ελεάζαρ Stephanos Στέφανος
Elisabet Ελισάβετ Tabitha Ταβιθά
Theophilos Θεόφιλος Tiberios Τιβέριος
Kornêlios Κορνήλιος Timotheos Τιμόθεος
Lazaros Λάζαρος Timôn Τίμων
Magdalênê Μαγδαληνή Titos Τίτος
Martha Μάρθα Philippos Φίλιππος
Mariam Μαριάμ Chloê Χλόη

After you feel comfortable reading words out loud, you are ready to move on to some additional information about Greek writing and pronunciation, starting with Greek Diphthongs.

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