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Complete Alphabet

Congratulations: now you have learned the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet, and you also see some of the basic patterns (long-short vowels, voiced-voiceless consonants, aspirated consonants, etc.).

You can use these QUIA materials to practice all the letters of the alphabet:

Complete Alphabet

Match Upper-Lower

Alphabet (lower-case) Alphabet (upper-case)

It is also a good idea to learn the order of the alphabet, so that you can impress your friends and relatives... but also so that you can look up words in the dictionary. Alphabet order is useful only for the dictionary and nothing else - but the dictionary is important!

The easiest way to learn the alphabet order is to divide the alphabet into 3 sets of 8 letters. You will see that in bits and pieces, the alphabet order is similar to the order in the English alphabet, but there are some odd insertions you will need to get used to. Here are some QUIA activities to help you practice ordering the alphabet:

Alpha-Theta (upper-case)

Iota-Pi (upper-case) Rho-Omega (upper-case)
  Alpha-Theta (lower-case) Iota-Pi (lower-case) Rho-Omega (lower-case)

Now you are reading to practice reading some words out loud!

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