Noah & Babel

Week 3: Hebrew Bible - Assignments - Reading - Resources - Images


You can listen to an audio reading of the Biblical text at the Audio Bible site (the site is designed with frames, allowing you to view the text while listening to the audio).

Audio Treasure also makes an audio Bible available online, including versions in many other languages!

At Navigating the Bible, you can listen to the Jewish Torah sung in Hebrew.

The LaHaye's Bible illustrations are available here: LaHaye's Figures de la Bible - this 18th-century book is found in the University of Oklahoma's Bizzell Bible Collection! There is a partial Dore Bible online at the Dore Bible Gallery.

The Web Gallery of Art is a great place to start looking for religious images in Western art.

There are many outstanding websites containing Biblical texts. Perhaps the most useful are the interlinear Hebrew / English Bible at and the many Bible versions found at Biola's Unbound Bible (use "Power Search" to display multiple versions, side by side).

There is a  Project Gutenberg online translation of Rashi (1040-1105), the medieval Jewish commentator on the Bible and the Babylonian Talmud. Maurice Harris' Hebraic Literature: Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala (1901) is available online.  You can also find a collection of Chassidic Tales of the Rabbis online.

TOWER OF BABEL RESOURCE: The Virtual Babel Encyclopedia contains material relating to the Tower of Babel in historical texts, philosophical texts, and literature.

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