Japanese Tales (Andrew Lang)

Week 7: India and Japan - Assignments - Reading - Resources - Images


The readings for this week are taken from the Andrew Lang fairy book series, and you can find a list of other Japanese folktales Andrew Lang listed in the "Asia" section at this Andrew Lang Fairy Books website.

You will find some nice Japanese folktales at Dan Ashliman's wonderful Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts.

Yei Theodora Ozaki's Japanese Fairy Tales are online at Gutenberg (you can also find this text at various other websites).

There is a collection of folk legends from Japan for children, with illustrations, at the kids' section of Japan Information Network.

Foxtrot's Collection of Kitsune Lore has some Japanese fox tales online.

Selections from Tsubota Joji's Nippon Mukashibanashi are online at the Wabei Translation site.

Lafcadio Hearn's KWAIDAN: Stories and Studies of Strange Things is available at Sacred Texts Archive.

Mire Uno has also put a set of Kwaidan Ghost Stories online.

You can read Tim Screech's article about Japanese Ghost Stories at Mangajin Magazine online.

For Japanese mythology, check out the Japan section at Encyclopedia Mythica.

Excerpts of the Kojiki (an ancient Japanese history book) can be found online at Sacred Texts Archive.

You can find a few Japanese myths retold at the Ancient World Club online.

Sacred Texts Archive has also made several Ainu folktale collections available online:

The Japanese Folktale Index has an explanatory page in English, although the folktales are recorded in Japanese.

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