Vergil's Aeneid, Books 2-3

Week 5: Ancient Rome - Assignments - Reading - Resources - Images


The English translation of the Aeneid that you are reading this week is by A.S. Kline, who has also published an English translation of the Eclogues and the Georgics online.

The John Dryden translation of the Aeneid (a verse translation) is available at

The Appendix Virgiliana (minor works) is available in English at

You can find the Latin texts of Vergil both at Ad Fontes Latin Library and at Perseus.

You can listen to Wilfried Stroh reading Book IV of the Aeneid in Latin online (he is extraordinary!).

There is an ancient life of Vergil by Donatus that you can read online. Suetonius' Life of Vergil is also available online.

You can read the medieval legends about "Vergil the Magician" online.

Mark Morford's Ancient Paths through Text and Image: The Fall of Troy provides a survey of European artwork on the subject.

For Greek vases and other artworks online, visit the Perseus Project or the Beazley Archive.

You can see a complete set of images from the late antique Vatican manuscripts of Vergil online. is a great place to start looking for more Vergil resources online.

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