Week 9: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

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The Electronic Canterbury Tales is a comprehensive Chaucer resource online. You can find the texts of the Tales here, along with all kinds of background information and links to other useful websites.

BookRags provides summaries of the stories.

You can find the texts of the Tales with useful notes at EveryPoet.com.

The Humanities Text Initiative provides the Middle English texts in a very clean, highly readable format, but with no notes or modern English translation.

You can read the Middle English version of the Tales at the Librarius.com website, which also provides a glossary for many of the Middle English words that are not used in modern English.

You can find interlinear versions of the fables at this Harvard Chaucer website, which also has some good background information about each of the tales.

There are PDF versions of the Tales, very suitable for printing, available at the CUNY Chaucer website.

The earliest printed editions of the Canterbury Tales are Caxton's editions, published in 1476 and 1483. You can see them both online at the British Library.



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