Week 9: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

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Reading Quiz


The following is a list of statements which are either True or False. When you take the quiz, you will have 10 of these statements, chosen at random. You can take the quiz up to 5 times, and your average score will be recorded.

Apply the 80% RULE when you are taking quizzes for these classes. In other words: don't stress about trying to get 100% on these quizzes. The quizzes are here to make sure you are ready to go on to the next activity. If you get 80% or better, you are ready to proceed. If you get less than 80% you need to go back and do the reading again (read more slowly, take notes) and take the quiz again, aiming for at least 80%.

  1. T or F ? The fox came to Chanticleer's barnyard dressed in sheep's clothing.
  2. T or F ? Phoebus killed his wife when he discovered she was unfaithful.
  3. T or F ? When the merchant was away, the monk spent the night with his wife.
  4. T or F ? Phoebus loved his wife, but she was not faithful to him.
  5. T or F ? The old woman wanted the knight to give her all of his gold to make her happy.
  6. T or F ? Virginius cut off his daughter's head.
  7. T or F ? Chanticleer had a dream which terrified him.
  8. T or F ? The truth was that Virginia was not really Virginius' daughter, but a stolen slave.
  9. T or F ? The merchant killed his wife when he found out she was unfaithful to him.
  10. T or F ? The merchant's wife asked the monk to give her some money.
  11. T or F ? Because the knight let her choose, the old woman was transformed into a young woman.
  12. T or F ? Phoebus rewarded the crow for having told him the truth about his wife.
  13. T or F ? Virginia had the reputation of being modest and virtuous.
  14. T or F ? Pertelote told Chanticleer not to worry about the things he saw in his dream.
  15. T or F ? The man learned from a dream that his traveling companion was burned to death in a fire.
  16. T or F ? The Canterbury Tales takes place in winter, at Christmas time.
  17. T or F ? The knight was not happy about having to marry the old woman.
  18. T or F ? The fox captured Chanticleer and ate him, and then ate all the hens too.
  19. T or F ? The rich merchant and the monk were half-brothers.
  20. T or F ? The man saw in a dream that the ship would be attacked by pirates, so he did not sail.
  21. T or F ? The only book that the physician read was the Bible.
  22. T or F ? Chanticleer was a rooster who greatly enjoyed consorting with the hens.
  23. T or F ? The person who tells the best stories will get a kiss from the Wife of Bath.
  24. T or F ? The knight had to find the answer to the queen's question, or else be executed.
  25. T or F ? The hens rejoiced when Chanticleer was captured by the fox.

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