Week 2: Jataka Tales (Birth Stories of the Buddha)

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  1. Matakabhatta-Jataka. "If folk but knew..." - the story of the sacrificial goat.
  2. Nacca-Jataka. "A pleasing note..." - the story of the peacock.
  3. Kapota-Jataka. "The headstrong man..." - the story of the crow and the pigeon.
  4. Phala-Jataka. "When near a village..." - the story of the fruit that looked a mango.
  5. Suvannahamsa-Jataka. "Contented be..." - the story of the bird with golden feathers.
  6. Kaka-Jataka "Our throats are tired..." - the story of the crows and the sea.
  7. Kandina-Jataka "Cursed be the dart of love..." - the story of the love-struck stag.
  8. Munika-Jataka. "Then envy not poor Munika..." - the story of the oxen and the pig.
  9. Maccha-Jataka. "'Tis not the cold..." - the story of the love-struck fish.
  10. Daddara-Jataka. "Who is it with a mighty cry..." - the story of the jackal and the lions.
  11. Sihacamma-Jataka. "Nor lion nor tiger I see..." - the story of the donkey in the lionskin.
  12. Kacchapa-Jataka. "The Tortoise needs must speak..." - the story of the talkative tortoise.
  13. Kokalika-Jataka. "They that with speech inopportune..." - the story of the crow and the cuckoo.
  14. Sakuna-Jataka. "Ye denizens of air..." - the story of the tree and the fire.
  15. Veluka-Jataka. "The headstrong man..." - the story of the "Bamboo" snake.
  16. Makasa-Jataka. "Sense-lacking friends..." - the story of the carpenter and the mosquito.
  17. Baka-Jataka. "Guile profits not..." - the story of the crane and the crab.
  18. Kuhaka-Jataka. "How plausible..." - the story of the ascetic who was a thief.
  19. Bilara-Jataka. "Where saintliness..." - the story of the pious jackal.
  20. Vanarinda-Jataka. "Whoso, O monkey-king..." - the story of the monkey and the crocodile
  21. Sumsumara-Jataka. "Rose-apple, jack-fruit..." the story of the monkey and the crocodile (again)
  22. Sigala-Jataka. "The drunken jackal..." - the story of the jackal and the brahmin
  23. Dipi-Jataka. "How fares it with you..." - the story of the goat and the panther.
  24. Sammodamana-Jataka. "While concord reigns..." - the story of the quails and the hunter.
  25. Kurungamiga-Jataka. "Come, Tortoise..." - the story of the antelope and his friends.
  26. Javasakuna-Jataka. "Kindness as much..." - the story of the woodpecker and the lion.
  27. Latukika-Jataka. "Elephant of sixty years..." - the story of the quail and the elephant.

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