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Scott: The Sultan and the Traveller Mhamood Al Hyjemmee

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There was a sultan, who one evening being somewhat low-spirited, sent for his vizier, and said, "I know not the cause, but my mind is uneasy, and I want something to divert it." "If so," replied the vizier, "I have a friend, named Mhamood al Hyjemmee, a celebrated traveller, who has witnessed many wonderful occurrences, and can relate a variety of astonishing narratives. Shall I send for him to the presence?" "By all means," answered the sultan, "that I may hear his relations." The minister departed, and informed his friend that the sultan desired to see him. "To hear is to obey," replied Mhamood, and hastened with the vizier to the palace.

When they had entered the palace, Mhamood made the obeisance usual to the caliphs, and uttered a poetical invocation for the prosperity of the sultan, who returned his salute; and after desiring him to be seated, said, "Mhamood, my mind is uneasy, and as I hear you are acquainted with many curious events, I wish you to relate some of them to amuse me." Mhamood replied, "To hear is to obey;" and thus began an adventure of his own.

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Scott, Jonathan (1754-1829). The Arabian Nights Entertainments. London: Pickering and Chatto, 1890. 4 Volumes. Project Gutenberg.

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