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Burton: The Emir ali Bin Tahir and the Girl Muunis

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Once on a time was displayed for sale to Ali bin Mohammed bin Abdallah bin Tahir a slave-girl called Muunis who was superior to her fellows in beauty and breeding, and to boot an accomplished poetess; and he asked her of her name. Replied she, "Allah advance the Emir, my name is Muunis." Now he knew this before; so he bowed his head awhile, then raising his eyes to her, recited this verse,

"What sayest of one by a sickness caught * For the love of thy love till he waxed distraught?"

Answered she, "Allah exalt the Emir!" and recited this verse in reply,

"If we saw a lover who pains as he ought, * Wi' love we would grant him all favours he sought."

She pleased him: so he bought her for seventy thousand dirhams and begat on her Obayd' Allah bin Mohammed, afterwards minister of Police. And we are told by Abu al-Ayna a tale of...

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