image of St. Francis

Week 9: Legenda Aurea: Franciscus.

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Supplementary Pages for Legenda Aurea: Franciscus

Giotto: Francis gives away his cloak   Giotto: Francis renounces worldly goods
Giotto: Rule of Francis approved   Giotto: Francis preaches to birds
Giotto: Death of Francis      
Berlinghieri, St. Francis   Cimabue: St. Francis
Simone Martini, St. Francis   Simone Martini, St. Francis
Gozzoli, Renunciation of Worldly Goods   Gozzoli, Preaching to the Birds
Gozzoli, Death of Francis   Gozzoli, Francis in Glory

Giotto: Francis receives stigma      
Giotto: The Stigmata   Ghirlandaio: The Stigmata
Veneziano: The Stigmata   Jan van Eyck: The Stigmata
Sassetta: The Stigmata   El Greco: The Stigmata
Rubens: The Stigmata      


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