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Week 9: Legenda Aurea: Franciscus.

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Readings about Saint Francis

Printable version of this week's readings.

Reading #1: Life of Saint Francis by Iacobus of Voragine. This is one of the early lives of Saint Francis, written by Jacob of Voragine, circa 1265. (Francis had died in 1226, when he was 45 years old). In the first part of the biography, we read about how Francis was converted to a life of poverty, founded his order and received the "stigmata" in a mystical vision. He begins to preach to the birds and other animals.

Reading #2: Life of Saint Francis (cont.). The second part of the life shows Francis speaking to birds and insects, and even praising "sister Death" at the end of his life. The story of the "purse of money" is also found here.

Reading #3: Laus Solis. This is a Latin translation of a hymn written in Italian (Umbrian) by Saint Francis (the Italian version is also provided here). The hymn is one of the earliest works written in Italian; the hymn was also well-known in its Latin version. (An alternate Latin translation is also provided.)

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