Thanks go to Kerry Magruder and the Bizzell Bible Collection at the University of Oklahoma for making Figures de la Bible available for digitization. Ben Dill did the original photography and prepared the image files for the Internet; Elizabeth Braker researched the captions and Bible passages and put the images and text together for the Internet. We hope you will enjoy the presentation!

Figures de la Bible. Illustrated by Gerard Hoet, and others.
Published by P. de Hondt in The Hague (La Haye). 1728. Note regarding terms of use.

p. 1: In the beginning
p. 2: Adam and Eve
p. 3: Eve gives the fruit
p. 4: God calleth unto Adam
p. 5: Cain rises up against Abel
p. 6: God took Enoch
p. 7: Earth was corrupt
p. 8: Earth was corrupt
p. 9: it rained upon the Earth
p. 10: it rained upon the Earth
p. 11: Noah offered burnt offerings
p. 12: Babel
p. 13: Abram & Lot depart
p. 14: Abram rescueth Lot
p. 15: Melchisedec King of Salem
p. 16: sleep fell upon Abram
p. 17: Abraham circumcised them
p. 18: Abraham and the three men
p. 19: Sodomites are smitten
p. 20: angel leads Lot out of Sodom
p. 21: Abraham and Hagar
p. 22: Abraham and Isaac
p. 23: Abraham buys land
p. 24: Abrahams servant sweareth
p. 25: Rebecca lights off the Camel
p. 26: burial of Abraham
p. 27: Esau sells his birth-right
p. 28: Isaac and Abimilech swear
p. 29: Isaac blesseth his son Jacob
p. 30: Jacob's Ladder
p. 31: Jacob flies away from Laban
p. 32: Laban & Jacob
p. 33: Jacob and an Angel
p. 34: Esau ran to meet Jacob
p. 35: slaying the Sichemites
p. 36: Joseph sold by his brethren
p. 37: Judah giveth his signet
p. 38: Joseph tempted
p. 39: Joseph explains dream
p. 40: Joseph rides in a chariot
p. 41: Joseph's Cup is found
p. 42: Joseph reveals himself
p. 43: Joseph giveth gifts
p. 44: Jacob blesseth his Sons
p. 45: Jacob carried to Canaan
p. 46: Moses drawn from Water
p. 47: The burning bush
p. 48: cruel bondage in Egypt
p. 49: Moses and the Magicians
p. 50: Passover
p. 51: first born destroyed
p. 52: Pharaoh drowned
p. 53: Pharaoh drowned
p. 54: The Israelites gather Manna
p. 55: the Israelites and Amalekites
p. 56: Mount Sinai
p. 57: Mount Sinai.
p. 58: the Golden Calfe
p. 59: Tabernacle
p. 60: Tabernacle

p. 61: Moses consecrates Aaron
p. 62: Nadab and Abihu
p. 63: Blasphemer stoned
p. 64: Plague inflicted on Israel
p. 65: fertility of Canaan
p. 66: Rebellion of Korah
p. 67: Rebellion of Korah
p. 68: Aarons rod budding
p. 69: water out of the Rock
p. 70: brazen Serpent
p. 71: Balaams blessing
p. 72: daughters of Moab
p. 73: Kings of Midian slain
p. 74: spoils of the Midianites
p. 75: Moses explains the Law
p. 76: Joshua
p. 77: Israelites mourn for Moses
p. 78: the river Jordan
p. 79: the river Jordan
p. 80: Destruction of Jericho
p. 81: Destruction of Jericho
p. 82: Achan stoned
p. 83: Gibeonites beguile Joshua
p. 84: Joshua burns the chariots
p. 85: Joshua and the five Kings
p. 86: Joshua and the five Kings
p. 87: Joshua & Eleazar
p. 88: Reubenites answer
p. 89: Joshua makes a covenant
p. 90: Adoni Bezek
p. 91: Eglon King of the Moabites
p. 92: Jael shows Sisera dead
p. 93: Gideon throws down Altar
p. 94: battle with the Midianites
p. 95: battle with the Midianites
p. 96: Abimelech killed
p. 97: Samson tears the lion
p. 98: Jephthah's daughter
p. 99: Philistines blind Samson
p. 100: Samson kills his enemies
p. 101: Benjamites seize women
p. 102: Ruth and her mother-in-law
p. 103: Ruth gleaneth in the fields
p. 104: Boaz marries Ruth
p. 105: the sons of Eli
p. 106: Israelites defeated
p. 107: Return of the Ark
p. 108: Israelites petition for a King
p. 109: Saul among the Prophets
p. 110: mourning of the Israelites
p. 111: Samuel calls upon the Lord
p. 112: Jonathan and armourbearer
p. 113: Samuel hews Agag
p. 114: Samuel anointeth David
p. 115: David killeth Goliath
p. 116: Doeg killeth the Priests
p. 117: the skirt of Sauls robe
p. 118: Abigail pacifieth David
p. 119: Saul with witch of Endor
p. 120: David rescueth his wives

p. 121: Amalekite slain
p. 122: Bathsheba bathing
p. 123: murder of Amnon
p. 124: Solomons Judgment
p. 125: Solomons Judgment
p. 126: Ahijah's prophesie
p. 127: man of God slain by a Lion
p. 128: Elijah fed by Ravens
p. 129: Elijah is taken up
p. 130: Elijah is taken up
p. 131: Naaman's gifts refused
p. 132: Jehoash is proclaimed King
p. 133: Assyrian Army slain
p. 134: Reformation of Josiah
p. 135: Reformation of Josiah
p. 136: Jerusalem burnt
p. 137: messengers shaved
p. 138: Oded in Samaria
p. 139: Manasseh's taken captive
p. 140: Ahasuerus and Mordecai
p. 141: Job among the ashes
p. 142: Lord sitting upon his throne
p. 143: rod of an almond tree
p. 144: Ezechiels vision
p. 145: resurrection of the Dead
p. 146: Daniel Interpreteth dream
p. 147: the burning fiery furnace
p. 148: the burning fiery furnace
p. 149: Daniel in the Lions den
p. 150: Jonah entereth into Niniveh
p. 151: Tobias and his fish
p. 152: Susanna resists Judges
p. 153: Judith and Holofernes
p. 154: Baals priests
p. 155: Baals priests
p. 156: Eleazar's bold enterprise
p. 157: Eleazar's bold enterprise
p. 158: the seven brethren
p. 159: the seven brethren
p. 160: events of New Testament
p. 161: four Evangelists
p. 162: wise men from the East
p. 163: escape of Jesus into Egypt
p. 164: Herod's cruelty
p. 165: Herod's cruelty
p. 166: John preaching
p. 167: Christ being tempted
p. 168: Jesus in the Mount
p. 169: Centurion's faith
p. 170: Christ Sleeping in the Ship
p. 171: possessed with Devils
p. 172: Jesus calleth Matthew
p. 173: head of John the Baptist
p. 174: head of John the Baptist
p. 175: loaves and fishes
p. 176: loaves and fishes
p. 177: Christ and Peter upon sea
p. 178: transfiguration of Christ
p. 179: Christ riding in triumph
p. 180: Christ riding in triumph

p. 181: tribute money
p. 182: the Scribes and Pharisees
p. 183: Supper of our Lord
p. 184: Supper of our Lord
p. 185: Disciples Sleeping
p. 186: Christ before Caiaphas
p. 187: Peter denieth his Master
p. 188: Christ mocked
p. 189: Christ buried
p. 190: buriall of Christ
p. 191: Resurrection of Christ
p. 192: Resurrection of Christ
p. 193: Christ's resurrection
p. 194: Christ baptized
p. 195: casting out unclean Spirit
p. 196: Zacharias in the Temple
p. 197: Annunciation to Mary
p. 198: Mary and Elisabeth
p. 199: Annunciation of the birth
p. 200: Annunciation of the birth
p. 201: Shepherds find the Child
p. 202: circumcision of Christ
p. 203: Christ in arms of Simeon
p. 204: Jesus and the Doctors
p. 205: draught of Fishes
p. 206: draught of Fishes
p. 207: Sick of the palsie let down
p. 208: dead Young man restor'd
p. 209: good Samaritane
p. 210: Martha complains
p. 211: Christ strengthened
p. 212: Christ sent back to Pilate
p. 213: Simon beareth Cross
p. 214: Simon beareth Cross
p. 215: Christ upon the Cros
p. 216: Christ upon the Cros
p. 217: Disciples going to Emmaus
p. 218: marriage in Cana
p. 219: marriage in Cana
p. 220: Jesus in the temple
p. 221: Nicodemus with Christ
p. 222: woman of Samaria
p. 223: woman taken in Adultery
p. 224: eyes of the blind opened
p. 225: Lazarus rising
p. 226: Christ scourged
p. 227: Jesus appeareth to Mary
p. 228: Unbelieving Thomas
p. 229: Christ appears to Disciples
p. 230: ascension into heaven
p. 231: mission of the Holy Ghost
p. 232: mission of the Holy Ghost
p. 233: Stephen stoned
p. 234: Saul's conversion
p. 235: Peter delivered from prison
p. 236: Elimas struck blind
p. 237: Paul and Silas in prison
p. 238: The Convert Jaylor
p. 239: Paul raiseth Eutychus
p. 240: Agabus's prophesie
p. 241: Paul shaketh off the viper
p. 242: the Seven Candlesticks

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