About This Site: Segmented Text

*** If you are looking for the Segmented Text to go with a particular story, check the Story Index page ***

In order to help you in understanding the Latin, the text is presented in a segmented form, indicating the natural breaks and pauses in the Latin.

The segmented version is presented without the verse numbers (the verse numbers are a later addition to the text, and sometimes they actually obstruct the natural flow of the Latin).

You should use this segmented text as a guide to reading out loud, making sure you understand each line before you proceed. Sometimes Latin students are told to "look to the end" of the sentence, as if a Latin sentence were a word jumble that you are supposed to rearrange in standard English word order. This is a big mistake! Latin word order is highly expressive, and the author has chosen very carefully which order to put the words in! Try to understand the Latin according to the word order in which it is written, and the meaning will actually become much more clear that way.