About The Audio

*** If you are looking for Audio to go with a particular story, check the Story Index page ***

These Bible stories are MEANT to be read out loud. They are filled with dramatic moments and highly expressive dialogue. Please read them out loud! You will be able to access audio wherever you see the big yellow PLAY button. You can also quickly see which stories have audio files by looking at the Story Index.

The audio recordings provided here are meant to inspire you to read out loud, not to give you a model that you must follow. Latin pronunciation is a difficult topic - and I do not claim to be a "correct" reader. I just want to be sure that I understand what I am reading it as I am reading, and to make it clear (hopefully) for someone who is listening.

Please do not worry about whether you are pronouncing the Latin "correctly" or not - just read it out loud as you feel comfortable doing it! If you feel more comfortable with "Church Latin" pronunciation, for example, then read it that way.

The files here are in MP3 format, which means they will play in a wide variety of programs (such as Windows Media, Real, WinAmp, and so on). The files are not being streamed, which means that they are rather large in size and you have to download the entire file before being able to listen to it. If you want to have the file available to listen to later, go ahead and right-mouse click on the audio link, and choose Save Target As. This will allow you to save the MP3 file somewhere on your computer where you can have access to it later.

I hope that you have fun with these audio files. I have a lot of fun making them! I do not know anything about audio production (in fact, I am a total amateur at this) - but I am using the great free software package Audacity, which I highly recommend if you want to do some voice recording of your own, so that you can record and play back your own Latin readings.