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KALANEMI. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology]

1. In the Ramayana a Rakshasa, uncle of Ravana. At the solicitation of Ravana, and with the promise of half his kingdom, he endeavored to kill Hanuman. Assuming the form of a hermit-devotee, he went to the Gandhamadana mountain, and when Hanuman proceeded thither in search of medicinal herbs, the disguised Rakshasa invited him to his hermitage and offered him food. Hanuman refused, but went to bathe in a neighboring pond. Upon his placing his foot in the water it was seized by a crocodile, but he dragged the creature out and killed it. From the dead body there arose a lovely Apsaras, who had been cursed by Daksha to live as a crocodile till she should be released by Hanuman. She told her deliverer to beware of Kalanemi; so Hanuman went back to that deceiver, told him that he knew him, and, taking him by the feet, sent him whirling through the air to Lanka, where he fell before the throne of Ravana, in the council-room.

2. In the Puranas a great Asura, son of Virochana, the grandson of Hiranyakasipu. He was killed by Vishnu, but was said to live again in Kansa and in Kaliya.

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