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DHARMA, DHARMA-RAJA [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] `Justice.' A name of Yama, the judge of the dead.

dharma [Source: from the Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary]
. the older form of the RV is dhárman, that which is established or firm, steadfast decree, statute, ordinance, law
. usage, practice, customary observance or prescribed conduct, duty
. right, justice (often as a synonym of punishment)
. virtue, morality, religion, religious merit, good works
. holding to the law, doing one's duty
. Law or Justice personified
. as Yama
. as born from the right breast of Yama
. the law or doctrine of Buddhism
. the ethical precepts of Buddhism
. nature, character, peculiar condition or essential quality, property, mark, peculiarity

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