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DHANWANTARI. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology]
1. Name of a Vedic deity to whom offerings at twilight were made in the northeast quarter.
2. The physician of the gods, who was produced at the churning of the ocean. He was a teacher of medical science, and the Ayurveda is attributed to him. In another birth he was son of Dirghatamas, and his "nature was exempt from human infirmities, and in every existence he had been master of universal knowledge." He is called also Sudhapani, `carrying nectar in his hands,' and Amrita, `the immortal.' Other physicians seem to have had the name applied to them, as Bhela, Divodasa, and Palakapya.
3. A celebrated physician, who was one of "the nine gems" of the court of Vikrama.

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